Monday, September 24, 2012

Eye Strain

My eyes are constantly fatigued of late. The left eye has almost become some kind of screen saver. It goes in all possible directions to focus at the same object. In no time, I will morph into a wobbly-eyed toon.  

I need to check with a doctor. Either there has been a huge drop in the left eye vision or simply eye strain. I have been spending extra hours at work. 

Two months ago I changed my laptop. Even though I adjusted brightness to blend with the ambiance lighting, I felt constantly strained. Turns out that my previous laptop LED had a lower dot pitch and more pixels. My stuff is still with the movers and packers company as I've not found an apartment in the city I moved to. Once I get my stuff I can use my iMac and throw this junk laptop out of the window.

At work, the new seat is next to a window. I would need to either change my seat or make sure that i can close the blinds. 

I found a very comprehensive article online on reducing computer eye strain. A lot of things we already know but some were still new to me.  Here is the link: Computer Eye Strain: 10 steps for relief

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Teaching again

After several days of hesitation, I've finally started conducting French language classes at work. Teaching was one of the first things that I ticked off my list when I started to lose my eyesight. It seemed impossible to conduct sessions when I myself cannot read what anyone will write. Eye contact is out of question.

First day of class and I couldn't help getting overwhelmed with the positive feedback I got from everyone from my batch. I used presentation slides and a notepad instead of traditional whiteboard. Used PPT pen to highlight, underline, draw (all those useless hours spent drawing in paint finally came to some good). Took a lot of time in creating slides out of the lesson plans, scanning worksheets etc., but it ensured that everything is one place and in order.

Have delivered six successful sessions. Very pleased that teaching still remains possible and as interesting as ever.  Are you also a visually impaired teacher? What methods of teaching do you use to conduct your classes?

Lazy eye

For past two weeks , my left  eye seems to have a mind of its own. I am trying to force it to focus but it doesn't seem to obey. Does anyone else has this problem? I've not been to my retina specialist in months. Time for eye check-up, maybe I can use glasses. I cannot read anything from my left eye anymore.