Sunday, May 27, 2012

Increasing subtitle font size to watch foreign films

Stargardt's disease has limited my access to all possible forms of visual arts. With more loss in central vision, my depth and colour perception has further decreased. I no longer visit art galleries and museums. I hesitate to take out my camera for street photography. Cinema and theatre are still accessible from the front row, but only in the languages I know. Few weeks back, an Afghan troupe performed Shakespeare at Rangashankara, a local theatre. I was in dilemma for a week whether to buy tickets or not.  (Will I be able to read subtitles? or even see subtitle panels? :P)

I don't have problems with subtitles while watching movies at home. There is a feature in VLC media player which allows to enlarge the subtitle font size:

1. Go to Menu Tools > Preferences

2. Select Subtitles & OSD

3. In Subtitle effects, set font size to large or larger and Save.

At larger font size, the screen appears like this. You can download VLC media player from this link

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