Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving to a new city

Sometimes disability is imposed. Like, there are accessible cities and there are inaccessible cities. Experience is relative still. 

Ever since I arrived in this city 4 years back, I've been uncomfortable. Running in circles and always finding myself back at the starting line. Several change of jobs and relationships. Permanence is perhaps a utopia.

I feel no connection with this culturally inaccessible city. It limits me. It disturbs me. It took me sometime to understand that I need to move to a new place. More than 2 years. And then when I thought I need to move, I found someone. It didn't last long. I live my life from one minute to another (Either it is SD or just me, difficult to disassociate) and this person came with a schedule where I had to fit in or where I couldn't fit in. I'm the kind of person who will skip the world to be with someone for even 10 minutes and he was the kind of person who was too entangled in several worlds. Yet there was an inexplicable connection between us and now we are unrelated. 

I'm free to move to a different city. A city that expands my possibilities. It did take me a while to work things out and finally I got relocation approved from my employer. 

Being visually impaired, I like being in big cities, where people may not be monitoring your every move. I can get lost without looking stupid. I can look up and someone will guide me home. (And not be embarassed to ask 20 people for directions, within just a mile!. With more than 20,000 people per square kilometer to ask for help, I do not need a map). I can walk in crowded streets incognito. Be led by the pace of the city and find several things to do. And when I get tired of the world, find a pretty spot to renew my morale and spirit. I can depend on the city. 

Even though it will take a month or two to actually move, I'm already excited and feel less disabled :o)

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