Monday, December 19, 2011

Not trying

Living with low vision I've to every time question myself (not yet the tea spoons. sigh!), if there is a real limitation to a task due to my low vision or if I am not doing anything to get out of my comfort zone? It is easy to deny everything because it is difficult to see. Living in denial is easy, doing something despite the visual challenge means hard work, dealing with your own ego on a daily-basis
(setting up an incompatible, overdemanding timer to every activity. "Calendar: Read 200 pages today." Start. Fail. Whine. Let despair out of its hiding place. Repeat again everyday. Never learn.).

A lot of limitations we impose on ourselves have no basis in reality. Sooner I eliminate these false limitations from my life, better relationship I will have with myself.

I've not used my camera for a long time. I liked watching people, their expressions, capturing the detail. When it started getting difficult, rather than finding a new technique/subject, I simply stopped to take my camera with me. I have charged the batteries and I am going to take it out. And I will try to find new ways of capturing things.  Try and unlearn the "normal" way and adapt to "my" way. Defenestrate the excuses. Create something, even if it means creating distortions. Who said there is just one way of seeing??

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