Sunday, January 29, 2012

Disease progression

Vision loss and degeneration cycle varies among people affected with SD. Neither the doctors nor your friends with SD can predict when and how much vision loss you will have. I've met people who lost complete vision at the age of 8. And I've known people who still have not lost their complete central vision at the age of 55.

Irrespective of the vision loss, everyone I know with SD is still able to live independently. With accessibility and other technologies, almost everything is possible today. Try to find out the way out. Never assume the end of the world. It doesn't exist :-)

I know it may not be easy to keep re-aligning your goals and objectives in life at every vision loss. Living at the edge gets sometimestiring. But what are your options? If you don't want to adapt, you will waste yourself and accumulate more regrets. Do not use the logic of the sighted world, do not listen everything what the sighted people tell you or make you believe. Your life is different than their and the rules are not same. I was told by doctors that I will lose vision and I must not choose a profession which involves a lot of reading (academics). I listened to them and did not enroll for PhD. It has been 7 years, I can still read books, with a little discomfort, but I can read! There is technology to help one read (readers, magnifiers). I am preparing to return to academics next year. Everything is possible. Don't give up on yourself! 

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