Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Intelligent screen readers ?

It is getting difficult for me to translate these days. For some reasons, full view magnification is no more working on my Windows 7 PC at work. I tried testing several third party accessibility software but I'm yet to find a screen reader which automatically recognizes and switches between two languages on the same page. 

I have to work on a translation tool whose interface is similar to this image. Source text is on the right side and I type on the left side in target segments. I need a reader which can recognize both French and English and swap between the two when I move my cursor from one segment to another. 

Does anyone know any intelligent screen reader tool which can solve this issue? 

I currently work with 200% magnification but I would like to use more and more of screen reader technology if I can to avoid strain. 

Update - Tried ZoomText 10. Nice upgrade from v9. Reader still supports only the language selected during installation. It is still not bilingual, Looks like either I need to adapt to how a tool reads French in English accent or just drop the idea of a Reader completely! :(


jp786 said...

This is an application for mac. i have seen a youtube video, where a totally blind person translated french to english in the same page using this application. the lisnk is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVoRCKYJ2oQ

Bhumika said...

thanks million times :) Missed your post in the junk. Looks like a great tool. Downloading trial version. Incidentally I switched to MAC few months back ;) Many thanks again