Saturday, April 21, 2012


It is always difficult to convince people that we are visually impaired. They look at me and see a healthy young woman who can look at them in the eye at an arm's length. And they think I'm just fabricating stories about SD to get a seat in the front row.

I was late for a theatre performance today and they sent me to the show organisers to check for a front row seat. I had to explain to the director for 15 minutes before he was partially convinced. He kept staring at my eyes. I felt very uncomfortable and I didn't want to speak anymore. I went inside and requested some people in the front row to give me a seat (this time I didn't tell them I'm visually impaired). And I got a seat! 

What do you do in such situations when people refuse to help you because they don't trust you that you are visually impaired? 

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